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Unified dashboard

Access to a unified dashboard which shows all your assigned tickets across multiple projects

Company employees

If your company has more than one employee, easily invite them to provide instant collaboration across all projects

Invite collaborators

Clients can be invited to multiple projects, allowing them to collaborate across them all, in a single place

Simple notifications

You get notified for all ticket changes for which you're watching. All employees get notified when a client creates a new ticket

Ticket filtering

Advance ticket filtering allows you to only see specific peoples assigned tickets, along with full text searching

Never lose work again

Completed work is stored in our system for easy retrieval, including attachments

Gary Taylor, CEO at Equestrian Brands

"We switched to Simker from using a combination of Google Sheets and Emails and the uplift in productivity was huge! The best thing about Simker is it allows my team to have a central location for all client requests, with the added benefit that it's a beautiful and well-designed product!"

Gary Taylor, CEO at Equestrian Brands